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Last Updated: Jan 8, 2022 - Contributors: Bridget-W.

Park Resources Overall Observations: The Village of Port Jefferson's website is really just all marketing and contains information about "What to do" in Port Jeff in regards to activities and what not to do in regards to laws and codes... it's not very environmental at all!

Park Resources Long Island Observations: There really is nothing much that is natural (if referring to nature) However, I did find a site with a request for Vendors for their farmer's market....and some horseback riding...nothing much for the community..

Park Resources Freshwater Observations: Not really....There is information on there however about Stormwater. What I found interesting was it only takes less than 15 minutes for polluted stormwater to travel from a storm drain right into the Port Jefferson Harbor!

Park Resource Trail, Greenways - n/a

Park Resources Wildlife Observations -  just looks like a money hungry website to me... 

Park Resources Marine Ecology Observations:  There is tons of information on StormWater and how if polluted it can kill marine life. I took a look at the second site about the Port Jefferson-East Beach Bluff project. This Project sounds like it would be really helpful and I hope the permits get approved asap. It sounds like there is a need for this wall that can help with protecting the shore from future possible tragedy by stabilizing the beach and shoreline. I also found the efforts to clean the beach to be extremely inspiring as well. What a great way to get the community together while providing more space for families to gather and a cleaner and healthier living environment for the sealife as well.  I wonder how much debris was collected! That's such a huge effort and it was so refreshing to hear.  After reviewing the plans, this project is really important and will also provide jobs for the community too while doing something that directly will protect that area for years and years to come.. It's disheartening that things of this nature take so long to get approved.  I love seeing this type of effort made.

[Editor's Note: the news article reference also made comment on bluff erosion is a natural process: "DEC came to meet us on site approximately three years ago and their first inclination was to deny the project altogether because being naturalists they want the material to return and to replenish the beach as it naturally erodes.]

Park Resource Response: I called the Marine Resources number to see what type of Marine Volunteer programs were available and they directed me to call the PJ Parks Department - who then directed me to a very helpful individual in the Department of Environmental Conservation - who led me to a website dec.ny.gov/outdoor/109925.html - this site was loaded with information about the marine environment and had tons of resources. She also mentioned to me that the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society is looking for volunteers right now to help spot beached sea turtles that get caught up on the shores during this time of year - super interesting since I thought they were more a tropical turtle.. 

[Editor's Note: Environmental content is on the website, but difficult to find. Under Village Info - several groups and committees deal with environmental concerns, especially the Conservation Advisory Council. A search for the word "bluff," found additional environmental articles. And under the tab "Government," there's information about deer issues.]

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