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Native Plants & Conservation
Want to support your local environment? Let us show you how to get involved. Consider us your pipeline to learning about your natural world from west to east.

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Mindy Block, President
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Quality Parks Citizen Science Observations

Last Updated: 2/13/2022; Contributors: Bridget-W.

Overall Website Observations: If you're in the Long Island area...before you visit a park...you need to visit QualityParks.org and look it up. If it's on there, you'll really find tons of helpful information, the passion behind each organization and the what to do's and what no to do's while visiting and so much more. The team behind this site is doing such amazing work!

Long Island Explorer Website Observations: Natural Passion. I was very impressed by this website. Quality Parks really is the hub for all things nature! The site is presented in such an interesting and interactive way, you really can get lost for hours in protective and informative learning.

LI Geology & Plant Community Website Observations: Absolutely! Plenty of resources on the site. Specific to Quality Parks, I found the Butterflies Milkweed to be so beautiful! Will definitely be looking to add these to my garden.

Freshwater Website Observations: The website has a bunch of resources that point out all types of freshwater habitats, the wild life that lives in each etc...But I must say, I loved the energy Mindy radiates in her photo in the about section. I would love to read more about how this organization came to be and where their passion stems from!

Trails, Greenways, & Sustainability Website Observations: The snipp-it about Pine Barrens State Forest seemed super interesting as I am a huge fan of horses! I was curious to see more photos. I went to click on Read the full story but was sent to a the dreaded 404 error page :( Gave it another try by using the header instead and was re-directed and able to read the reviews and see some great photos! Giant Ant hills! The reviews were fun to read!

[Editor's Note: I fixed the dreaded 404 error for Quality Parks page, and left the category home page recommendations - to remind me to check for bad links.  And to locate a bad link checker to share.] - This is for the What Needs Improvement Website Observation.

Wildlife Website Observations: I found the Tick Bite prevention page to be extremely helpful for the park-goer! - I especially found the mobile version of this page to be more pleasant to navigate, especially the map.

Marine Ecology Website Observations: Not directly on the site, but the site contains resources and organizations that focus on marine concepts and concerns of all kinds.

Finances Website Observations: By bringing awareness, selling native plants, Memberships and requesting donations etc. I am curious if they have added themselves to Smile.Amazon.com and what kind of fundraising events they host if needed.

Questions Asked:Thank you for the opportunity to review such amazing resources! I was curious where your passion came from! The information provide through your website has been such fun to navigate through. I've learn so much and got lost in prevention and preservation techniques. My family and I will be spending a lot more time outdoors and also making adjustments to be a better neighbor for the planet.

[Editors Note:  Didn't catch her question fast enough, so Bridget called, and we had a long conversation.   My passion came from a tree cut down in my childhood, and watching the destruction of a barrier island to development. And in again, when I found I was in the wrong career path: leaving a computer job for work to save the planet. And of course from Raymond P. Corwin ... always.] 

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