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Wild Heart Nature Connection

Forest Therapy and Life Coaching Outdoors in Nature
Learn to de-stress and revitalize with a certified forest therapy guide. Workshops are immersive and deepen relationships with forest, beach, and pine barrens.

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Linda Lombardo, CPCC and Certified Forest Therapy Guide
Copiague, NY 11726

meetup.com - wildheartnatureconnection.substack.com

Quality Parks Citizen Science Observations

Last Updated: 5/01/22; Contributors: Deasia-V.; Elijah-A.

Overall Observations:

I learned that getting involved with our nature isn't only beneficial for our physical health but our mental health as well. Through forest therapy you can get a deeper connection with Mother Nature itself and appreciate its beauty. Instead of just walking pass nature we notice the trees and our breaths and get to connect emotionally with the world that surrounds us. With forest therapy we get to appreciate how our enviornment impacts us and the way we live. (5/01/22)

I learned that the Wild Heart Nature Connection offers therapy through a forest therapy. The people who go on these forest walks find a connection with nature for therapy. Nature helps the people find healing and better well-being. This is something very different and new but it seemed like something that can help a lot of people out.  In the video on the home page, the guide, Linda, seems to be very knowledgeable about nature and wanting to help people. (1/3/2022)

Long Island Explorer Observations: In the Confessions of a Forest Therapy Guide, I appreciated the detailed description on how the Witch Hazel blooms next to the bright green Spring tips on the fir trees, and how the air feels when spring arrives. The imagery made me feel as if I was experiencing it as well. (5/01/22)

The website showed how the walk in the forest helps people connect with nature by using things like trees, lakes, or any natural object in the forest to help someone focus on, so as to help them.(1/3/2022)

LI Geology & Plant Community Observations:  The website showed options to plant a tree for Tree Sisters [a nonprofit charity based in England]. (1/3/2022)

Freshwater Observations: I enjoyed seeing the picture of the ducks with their eyes shut. They seemed peaceful and demonstrated their connection with the environment. This inspires me because I realize how humans should be in touch with the nature that surrounds them just like these ducks. (5/01/22)

Trails & Greenways Observations: They provided details on public and private walks, and organizations and events we could attend but not much on topics like energy conservation or other environmental sustainability topics. Most of the topics are on how to be one with nature. (5/01/22)

The website focused on forest walks and retreats in areas that are filled with connections to the forest. It is very interesting how this therapy helps you connect with nature to be able to relieve a lot of stress. There are also options for public or private walks.(1/3/2022)

Finances: Fee based private and public walks. You can even plant a tree on these walks, you choose the location and Linda will walk with you and help enhance your personal connection with nature.(5/01/22)

What Needs Improvement: Maybe more information on wildlife and plants. Such as how the plants affect us and why that specific plant is important to its environment. (5/01/22)

Question Asked & Response:  How does one truly get in touch with their environment? They explained how its almost like meditation but walking and being more observant with what surrounds you. Paying attention to the silence or the bird chirping or the leaves falling. That can help one feel at peace and acknowledge the impact the environment can really have on a person and their mindset. (5/01/22)

What parks are available for public walks? The response was Sands Preserve, Bailey Arboretum, Alley Pond Environmental Center, and Prosser Pines Preserve. (1/3/2022)

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