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Invasive Species Consultation Services
Get started on the most common invasive plant species and ways to control them.

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Julie Sullivan, Invasive Species Ecologist
Centerport, NY 11721


Quality Parks Citizen Science Observations

 Last Updated: 07/22/22 Contributors: Jason-O; Bridget-W.

Overall Website Observations: "The best time to weed is just after a drenching downpour or in late fall/winter/early spring while the ground is damp but not frozen, and selectively weed out invasive plants to give natives room to grow and reproduce." -- From "How do we Begin?" (07/22/22)

I learned about invasive plants, native plants that can replace invasive plants, and safe removal processes of invasive plants.(02/13/22)

Long Island Explorer Website Observations: Go Native Long Island considers poison ivy, one of their native flora, to be an aggressive vine due to how it grows alongside other invasive plants such as kudzu. Another aggressive native plant is the wild grape due to the vines being inhibitory to native tree growth. Moreover, Go Native Long Island tries to find if the invasive species is edible such as the Fig Buttercup. (07/22/22)

I found the disposal of invasive plants by solarizing them to stop photosynthesis:  trapping the plants in clear bags for a month or two to basically "cook them" until they are fully wilted and safe to dispose. (02/13/22)

LI Geology & Plant Communities Website Observation:  Regarding Oriental Bittersweet, one page describes the presence of this invasive vines. They usually smother the existing, native trees thus they must be rid of via a removal where the vine is cut off from the tree and attempts are made to inhibit or cease future regrowth. However, as the accompanying page shows, such an effort is not as easy and requires durable and high quality tools!  (07/22/22)

Yes, they classified the types of invasive plants  (07/22/22)

Tons of very insightful and helpful information about several different plant species.  (02/13/22)

Trails, Greenways, & Sustainability Website Observations: They have been working for years on restoring Carpenter park. The articles seem a bit out dated so an update would be really cool!(02/13/22)

Wildlife Website Observations: One pages describes an ecosystem reinvigoration effort by the use of planting native plants and crops to sustain viable food webs to support bees, which in turn, impacts other animals.(07/22/22)

There is a section [Planting for Birds] about how they create gardens of plants that produce great amounts of pollen, nectar and berries to preserve several species of migrant birds and insects.(02/13/22)

Finances Website Observations: Unsure how the park resources raised funds.(02/13/22)

What Needs Improvement: No way to find up-to-date events.(07/22/22). Curious if there are any events and how they raise funds.(02/13/22) Editor's note: Links to referenced pages need updating. (7/29/22)

Question Asked: I am a citizen scientist interested in how groups within the Long Island area address invasive and aggressive plants. While I am aware that the organization Go Native Long Island provides many helpful tips on de-weeding/removing invasive flora. I was wondering if there were opportunities where the program promotes itself, such as collective de-weeding events or possibly ways to introduce the consumption of these invasive florae into people's diets? Thank you for your time. (7/29/22)  Response:  (Editor's Note: Was referred to another organization.) 

Question Asked: No phone number - Email sent - Good Evening! I was looking at your site and was wondering if there was an update on the Restoration of Carpenter Farm park! Talk soon! Response:  Things have been on hold for a while. Hope to get back there soon. (02/13/22) 

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