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Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED)    Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED)Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED)Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED)

Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED)

a Long Island Nature Center in Brookhaven, NY

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Sally Wellinger, Executive Director & Eric Powers, Program & Site Director Lead Environmental Educator
Brookhaven, NY 11719


Quality Parks Citizen Science Observations

Last Updated: 2/8/22; Contributors: Bridget-W., Eric-P.

Website Overall Observations: They really love teaching and exploring with the youth of the community. I live how carefree and happy every person and child look on the site. So Wholesome (1/4/22)

Website Long Island Explorer: Every page on the site is full of environmental information! I learned that they have an annual program that will be focused on the Bobwhite Quail. Teaching the community about the life cycle of birds of prey and the importance of the species.(1/4/22)

Website Freshwater Observations: They have partnered with Friends of Bellport Bay to educate us about the health of our waters and to promote the use of green lawn products. They offer eco-friendly lawn products for sale to help your lawn without damaging the waterways.(1/4/22)

Website Trails, Greenways, Sustainability Observations: The website did not really touch on local trails or places to visit but did outline and demonstrate many ways their organization helps try to keep their environment and ecosystem healthy with education and community service.(1/4/22)

Website Wildlife Observations: They have many programs and events to educate the community about certain animals, their life cycle and the importance to preserve several different species. I found it super interesting that they have a summer camp vibe for children too!

Website Marine Ecology Observations: Yes, they spoke of how the our waters are being plagued by nitrogen-releasing fertilizers and pesticides are really destroying the ecosystem and all the surrounding waters.(1/4/22)

Question Asked: I asked them if they had any programs or events coming up and they described a Wave Makes Info session coming up this month - I asked what that was...and she mentioned that it was a free opportunity for children to learn how to "make a wave" in the environment by teaching them the fundamentals of eco preservation.(1/4/22)

[Editor's Note:  I just love their Timeline, found under Nature Center links.]

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