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to protect and preserve birds, wildlife, and the places and resources needed, for today and tomorrow.

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Last Updated:  2/13/22; Contributors: Briget-W.

Overall Website Observations: It saddens me, we as a people can be so selfish and inconsiderate. I truly am thankful for organizations like 4HAS that work so hard to fight and bring environmental awareness for birds, and wildlife preservation. Their site is fun to read and emotional. Love the newsletters!

Long Island Explorer Website Observations: I was surprised to hear that there were so many shore birds were endangered. I found the efforts made during the summer by this organization are an amazing and fun way to educate people who visit the beaches about ways they can help keep the beach a friendly and safe shorebird habitat.

LI Geology & Plant Communities Website Observations: They mentioned in their latest summer newsletter that hoping the town of Riverhead does not approve of the extremely environmentally disruptive Drag racing event. Apparently, the EPCAL grasslands are the highest quality in Long Island and such an event could drastically change the habitat for many birds and wildlife. I am unsure if this was approved as the most recent was the Summer. They were also concerned with the re-development and sale of this area...I would love to see how their efforts helped!

Freshwater Website Observations:  I must say, if you are looking for an immediately heart wrenching photo to bring even the slightest awareness to an observer...the very first picture on 4HAS' Projects page will do it! The SUNY Stony Brook Bird-safe Building initiative is great! The ultraviolet decals appear to be helping reduce the number of these types of bird deaths.

Trails Greenways, & Sustainability Website Observations: The Conservation menu item, for example, was full of areas in need of preservation and concern as well as areas where the habitat for birds and other wildlife thrive and how to create and certify that you practice the appropriate sustainability guidelines on your own properties.

Wildlife Website Observations: Under the Education menu item, there were several resources and activities that sound very informative and fun. Also, I loved how each Newsletter featured a specific species that included fun facts, hard truths about how humanity is treating the species and how to protect them.

Financing Website Observations: The organization raises money with merchandise, donations, events fundraisers and by adding themselves to the list of charitable organizations Amazon Smile donates too.

Marine Ecology Website Observations: What I found the most interesting is how this organization makes the preservation of our land as exciting as it should be but continue to provide awareness and education in a "Real & Sugarless" way. There is so much heart and love that goes behind an approach like this. 

What Needs Improvement: I love that you can add this organization to your smile account on Amazon! However the Shop link found at the top of the page is different then the bottom. When clicking on the Shop button (bottom), you are lead to a page that has a video, a donation area and the instructions to add them to your Amazon Smile account Which is all great! I just also expected a link to purchase their merch their too! (similar to the page you are led too within the top menu).


Editors Note:  When opening newsletter, please open to a new page. It opens to a Google Doc and I can't find your website when I close the Google Doc.  


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