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Conscience Point Shellfish


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Last updated:1/24/2022; Contributors: Bridget-W.

Website Overview Observations: Oysters can play a key part in filtering harmful nitrate that promotes the growth of algae.

Website Content - Long Island Explorer Observations: I found their efforts to donate oysters to "oyster gardens" on Eastern Long Island to be very interesting. It would be great to see a map of these!

Website Content -  LI Geology & Plant Communities: It appears that the nitrates in the algae that is growing in the waters is becoming quite invasive, although it's local... The oyster gardens that CPS speaks of appears to be a great way of helping in the effort to filtrate the water. Another effort to help would be to use natural fertilizers.

Website Content - Wildlife Observations: I found the fact that a mature oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water alone!

Website Freshwater Observations: The website spoke quite a bit about the Nitrate issue in the waters.

Website Content - Marine Ecology Observations: One concern was about stormwater and local septic discharge systems. Nitrogen appears to be a huge problem in these waters.

What needs improvement: After viewing the website, this organization appears to be at a stand still...I am unsure what the events or upcoming plans are, the site is about a year behind. Their mission of restoration sounds very promising and I would love to hear how they have been expanding or progressing.

Question Asked: I sent them an email asking how if the oyster gardens are protected from boat intrusion. 

Response: Good evening, thanks for contacting us. We are a shellfish hatchery so we raise our shellfish from larvae in the lab, then move the small seed to our FLUPSY (Floating Upweller System) and then put the larger stock in our floating cages. Our grow out area is marked with boueys to deter boat traffic. Let us know if you have any more questions! 


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