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Portraits of the Natural World
Long Island based, customized illustrations & artwork at reasonable prices, capturing the details of what you love, especially nature, home, and pets.

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Last Updated: 1/24/22; Contributors: Bridget-W;  [Editor's Note: Website recently updated in April 2022; needs a review]

Overall Observations: This website focuses on the art created by a local artist who loves science and nature.

Long Island Explorer: There really is only photos of her work (all based on some type of nature)

Marine Ecology Observations: There is a beautiful painting of a seashell with so much detail. It inspires me to pay more attention to the little things in life.

What Needs Improvement: There is nothing on the site about the community or how the artist gives back to the beautiful nature she loves to paint.

Question Asked: Local Citizen Scientist here! Your about section quotes " My hope is that if people are more aware of the natural world around them they would be just a little more willing to be a better steward of it.".... Such a powerful statement and thought! Do you have any resources/events available for local community preservation activities?

Response: Great question. I work in Collaboration with various groups to depict local wildlife, example the Carmans River environmental education center behind the kayak rental in Brookhaven; they do host camps and classes for kids that are all environmental centered. There is a large painting in there depicting the animals from bay to fresh water along the Carmans as a backdrop for the study material and critters in there.  I’m also doing something similar for CEED in Brookhaven depicting the local wildlife. They have environmental centered festivals for the community as well as classes and walks for kids/ adults. So Im more of a backdrop with all that.  ... You have given me food for thought to incorporate a theme perhaps in my next workshop at Wertheim, such as studying an invasive plant species found on the property or such, then sketching/ painting it." 

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