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Last Updated: 1//3/22; Contributors: Bridget-W.

Overall Observations: [Their website introduces] such a chill park from the 1920s filled with an abundance of beautiful sights and warm culture...I love how it is 100% volunteer driven. Every dollar truly goes to Caumsett State Park. The photos are so inviting. The website mentioned that there are equestrian trails too!

Long Island Explorer: Natural beauty in nature. Looking beyond the photos....the descriptive visuals really take you on a hike...through the forest...the gardens...bird watching....It just sounds like there are so many beautiful sights to see while disconnecting from the world....& yet reconnecting with the world.

 LI Geology & Plant Communities: Although the information provided on the website does not speak about every single species in plant/life ...there is an entire guide (in multiple languages) that outline each corner of the park, and quite a bit of what lives there -- to be found & even hunted on the grounds. 

Freshwater: There are quite a few ponds at this park. The park has their own power and water supply.

Trails, Greenways, Sustainability: Yes! The [Caumsett State Park] trails sound exciting. I love how vehicle activity is limited to preserve the life and trails inside the park. It appears it doesn't matter whether you are walking, rowing, or riding...there's a trail for you!

Wildlife Observations: There are a few areas where certain wildlife that live there are identified...but also certain wildlife you may "run into" (on the equestrian trails for example).

Marine Ecology: There were not many saltwater marine life environments identified...The website seems to be like a local freshwater preserve. I really thought that the fact that 100% of the staff is all volunteers is amazing and super interesting. The Grounds are beautiful. [Editor's Note: There is coastal and marine ecosystems at the park.]

Question: When I called, I spoke to a woman about the precautions the park takes during the pandemic. Super friendly and explained each CDC recommendation in place.

Editor's Note: The phone number listed isn't the Foundation, but is Caumsett Park's phone number.  You need to direct questions to the email address. Also the upcoming events isn't in the navigation bar, but the links below it on the home page. And when you do a google search, it directs you to the history page and not the home page. So if you type in caumsettfoundation.org it goes to the history page.  And there's no search capability.

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