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Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons    

Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons


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Last Updated: 02/13/22; Contributors: Bridget-W.

Overall Website Observations: I learned that the dwindling population of many different kinds of turtles are dangerously close to being endangered. It seems as if the average person does not realize how important they are and that there are ways to help preserve their kind. Thankfully the site has many tips. I feel there should be more events to bring awareness though.

Long Island Explorer Website Observations: Not specifically but the site had information on preservation and turtle safety.

Freshwater Website Observations: The website discussed the woodlands and wetlands where these turtles can be found. It appears that there are several pesticides that have been affecting these areas and assisting in endangering many different kinds of turtles.

Wildlife Website Observations: I found it beautiful how many turtles are hit by cars and still have the opportunity to be rescued, rehabilitated and released back into nature. Of course, wishing they were never hit in the first place, I am thankful to see the fine work these people are doing!

Marine Ecology Website Observations:Toxic pollutants like pesticides are really ruining different habitats of the turtles, causing them to die off by seeping to the water.

Finances:  Charitable Donations

Question Asked: Hi there! Citizen Scientist here! About how many turtles on average do you rescue a week? Kind Regards!

Response:  Thank you for your interest. It depends on what part of the season. We see many turtles in June than in December when they are hibernating. Our busiest time we can see up to 15-25 per week. I hope this answered your question. 




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