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increasing community beautification and involvement for improved environmental conservation

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Last Updated: 02/18/22; Contributors: Bridget-W.

Overall Website Observations: The organization offered to plant daffodils along Old Town Road and other local communities as a beautification project and has succeeded in their continued efforts.

 Long Island Explorer Website Observations: The site only speaks of daffodils. 

Finances Website Observations: via Donations

What Needs Improvement: The whole page. It's super outdated and, does not really have basic site needs or wants and all the photos are terribly stretched and blurred. I am unsure if it is active or if I will get a response from them.

Part of me feels like this site may not really belong on the Quality Parks website...It is a beautiful project to keep up with but there really is no environmental awareness mentioned...I was looking at their photos page, and although they are hard to see the photos of the daffodils may be beautiful and must bring such internal joy to those who drive past when in bloom.  [See response below]

 Question Asked: Sent an email asking if this project was still active. [Their website doesn't reflect their activity; it was found on Facebook page]

Response:  OTB is primarily community beautification. By increased community beautification and involvement we do improve environmental conservation.  

[Editor's Note: QP and Old Town Blooms are putting together some ideas based on above observations and recommendations. Stay tuned.]

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