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Atlantic Marine Conservation Society


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Last Updated: May 3, 2022; Contributors: Ian-H.

Overall Observations: This organization collects data on animals and animal strandings, helps individual marine animals in need, and provides outreach and education about marine conservation.

Long Island Explorer Observations: The website is filled with pictures of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and seals. There is an entire page dedicated to a health assessment project of gray seals, including numerous pictures of seals, an explanation of the project and methods, and photographs of the team collecting data on beaches and in the ocean.

 Freshwater Observations: I really like one picture of a very cute gray seal with a satellite tracker attached to it. The seal looks adorable, making me want to do my part in helping these gray seals and marine life in general. The tracker shows what scientists are doing to help monitor these seals, a visual confirmation that people are making an effort to collect data on these animals.

Wildlife Observations: There are a few maps with the satellite location data from sea turtles, sea lions, and seals.

Marine Ecology Observations: The organization focuses on marine wildlife, including data collection as well as more individual help to animals. They preform cold stun treatment on sea turtles, conduct live whale and dolphin rescues, treat injured seals, dolphins and sea turtles, and much more.

Finances: They accept donations, and many of their clean-ups and other events are sponsored by corporations.

Question: I read that your education programs include introductions to marine life, the Long Island sound ecosystem, climate change and more. Can you tell me about how you think your education programs help to prepare the next generation of environmental stewards?

Response: “Our programs cover a variety of topics, such as marine mammal and sea turtles species found in New York waters, the Long Island Sound ecosystem, climate change, marine debris, and more. Aside from the information and knowledge they offer, all our programs conclude with ways participants can be involved and become positive stewards of the environment.”

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