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Last Updated: 5/3/22; Contributors: Ian-H;

Overall Observations: The Garvies Point Museum’s exhibits cover Long Island and New York State geology, as well as Native American culture and archaeology. The exhibits include everything from Long Island’s glacial history and the evolution of landscapes to dioramas about Native American lifestyles and archeological exhibits about human migration between continents.

Long Island Explorer: The site includes a page on their annual beach clean up, featuring pictures of children working together to clear refuse from a nearby beach.

LI Geology & Plant Communities Observations: The website includes a page for a native plant sale as a fundraiser for the organization. They include details as to why native plants are important for an ecosystem, and provide gardening tips for keeping these plants alive.

Freshwater Observations: The website discusses a program that the organization runs for children titled “Pond Ecosystems”. This program teaches children about the ecosystems in nearby ponds, including birds, insects, plants, and the life cycle. Included are pictures of children investigating the pond’s habitat.

Finances Observations:The website has a place to provide donations. Additionally, the museum makes money by selling admissions tickets and souvenirs from the gift shop, and offers various birthday party packages for purchase. They also sell native plants every spring. 

What Needs Improvement: The website appears outdated in style, and does little to draw viewers in. For example, the upcoming events section is a list of relatively small font size hyperlinks at the side of the website.

Question: To what extent does the Garvies Point Museum & Preserve educate children in environmental sustainability?

Response: They emphasize the importance of recycling and composting as part of their educational programs, and they also teach about the dangers of pollution.

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