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To Save Native Plants: First… Remove Invasive Species
Our LI landscapes are changing as invasive plants out-compete native species. Get started on the most common invasive plant species and ways to control them.  

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 Last Updated: 02/13/22 Contributors: Bridget-W.

Overall Website Observations: I learned about invasive plants, native plants that can replace invasive plants, and safe removal processes of invasive plants.

Long Island Explorer Website Observations: I found the disposal of invasive plants by solarizing them to stop photosynthesis:  trapping the plants in clear bags for a month or two to basically "cook them" until they are fully wilted and safe to dispose.

LI Geology & Plant Communities Website Observation: Tons of very insightful and helpful information about several different plant species.  

Trails, Greenways, & Sustainability Website Observations: They have been working for years on restoring Carpenter park. The articles seem a bit out dated so an update would be really cool!

Wildlife Website Observations: There is a section [Planting for Birds] about how they create gardens of plants that produce great amounts of pollen, nectar and berries to preserve several species of migrant birds and insects.

Finances Website Observations: Unsure how the park resources raised funds.

What Needs Improvement: Curious if there are any events and how they raise funds.

Question Asked: No phone number - Email sent - Good Evening! I was looking at your site and was wondering if there was an update on the Restoration of Carpenter Farm park! Talk soon!

Response:  Things have been on hold for a while. Hope to get back there soon.

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